Industrial Facility

A set of multiple 3d still renderings showing perspective views of an industrial facility site. The client provided the new architectural designs that needed to be updated and shown from different locations of the site.

The aerial and lower “bird’s eye view” angles in the animation demonstrates two separate phases of the site’s new construction. The ground level animation of the camera pan displays the outdoor patio seating look and feel.

3ds Max and Anima AXYZ was used during the process for this project.

Year : 2022

Company : Industrial Facility

Location : College Station, Texas



Ground Level 

Green spaces are always a pleasure to create on assignments. Bringing to life the places of rest in the industrial facilities allows the off the clock moments people inhabit in working facilities to have a moment in the spotlight. 

Aerial Views

Often times for these large-scale renovations the visual impact on the landscape and placement within the property needs to be viewed from above. 

With careful consideration to the foliage and surrounding landscape, no detail is overlooked to create these stunning concepts.