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About Oksana Casey

Oksana has 7 years of professional experience in design visualization specializing in high resolution 3D still renderings and animations.

She is able to ascertain the client’s direction on complex constructions and renovations through all stages of development. Her results deliver outcomes that bring all parties to the table with a clear and exciting vision for implementation.

Her knowledge includes working with various industries such as architecture, civil engineering, and industrial design. She acquires the ability to produce a variety of media that intuitively captures the client's needs and delivers visual materials that are both captivating and informative.


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Oksana’s main focus is to produce projects that display visually pleasing 3D renderings and 3D animations for explainer videos, construction timelines, storm water scenarios, and new/proposed road designs as well as exterior/Interior architectural plans.

This helps the clients accurately view their ideas and designs in an appealing and informative presentation.

Through these previous works displayed high fidelity craftsmanship, rapid knowledge aquation of complex outcomes have been carefully executed that strive to exceed client expectations and deliver outcomes that drive concepts and invested parties forward with confidence and clarity.

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