Office Building Flythrough and Visual Breakdown

This office building layout is showing an organized view highlighting different sections of each floor level. This explanatory video also consists of a fly through rendering showing front desk/foyer interior designs as well a visual breakdown of the mechanical, electrical, and telecom throughout the building.

Lastly, a transitioning representation of several workspaces and conference room arrangement options. The use of animation has enabled Oksana to visualize this project in a way that both the client and viewer can better understand future interior designs.

Year : 2021

Project Name : Office Building Fly trough

Location : Greene County, Ohio


Office Building Flythrough & Visual Break Down
– Full Animation

This video shows the full project steps from industrial planning on various levels to the polished modern interior design for this beautiful renovation.

Elect – Mech – Tele Transition into Workplace  

There is always a certain beauty to the inner workings of a building. Bringing these complex systems to the forefront in 3D is a service that helps clients appreciate every detail of their space.

Floor Highlights

Often times blueprints are the only thing provided on assignments. Being brough onto the project at an early stage allows my visual expertise to help check offs and approval passes occur at an accelerated rate through the use of 3D renders. 


Smooth camera work can make all the difference when first presenting a space. Finding the right angels to properly display a vaulted ceiling and give a true sense of scale for an interior makes all the difference. 


It is always a pleasure to bring modern interior to life. This mix of white marble, textured ceiling features and cherry wood make this space come to life. Delivering this visual before the renovation began created excitement that helped to drive the project forward.